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About Montage Development

Montage Development was formed with a vision for innovation and unsurpassed quality.  Montage develops raw land and oversees the construction.  Montage is a multifaceted company that wears multiple hats. We pride ourselves on integrity, modernization, and excellence.



Find out more about our current projects in construction. 

View photos and videos of some of our team's favorite projects. 

Many of our projects under construction are already at 100% capacity. Click here to find out more information about the cap rates, income opportunities, and selling prices.

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Meet Derick Murway

Founder & CEO

Derick has twenty years of experience in real estate across land acquisition, construction, development, and value add projects. He founded Montage Development in 2011 and it has since grossed over $30 million in sales. These properties include single-family housing, land development, and commercial construction. Prior to Montage, Derick developed sub-divisions and mixed-use projects, built commercial properties, and multi-family units across North Texas.

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